Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who Are You?

Someone asked me this question recently and I decided to write down my answer:

Who am I?
"I am a passionate, positive woman who works hard for what is important to me. I definitely dont travel an easy path and am not very mainstream in my beliefs and approach to life. Family is very important to me, relationships are very important to me.
I am a person dedicated to self-growth and the nurturing of growth in others. I use my writing to do this. Honesty, clarity, sincerity, love, justice, and compassion are very important values to me. I love to laugh, love to have fun...children are the most awesome creatures in the world to me. I nurture my spiritual self in many ways daily. This allows me to continue to be the essence of who I am despite many obstacles in my life."

If someone who didn't know you wanted to get a sense of the person you are, what would you tell them? How honest would you be? How complete in your answer?
It really comes down to how well you know yourself. There is a difference between an idea of who we are or want to be and our actual daily be-ing. If there is gap between those realities, all we need to do is observe ourselves, be honest, and make conscious efforts to transform anything that falls outside of the vision we have of our best selves.

So...who are you?


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  1. You are on the right track. Forever seeking knowledge. The key however is linking with like minds and beginning to do the little things on a daily basis that would take us closer to mental and spiritual Emancipation. The road is long and hard. Stay Strong. W e will speak soon.