Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Choosing to Face the Storm


I’ve been away from my beloved computer keys for over a week and have been anxious to return.  I had to take time away and focus all of my attention on relationships in my life.  Being able to adjust and respond accordingly to whatever life brings you is a valuable skill to acquire.  Sometimes because of the demands of a time or situation we are not able to operate like business as usual. 
So, last week was a week of intensive challenges, opportunities for growth, acknowledgment and awareness of self and others and ultimately—healing.  Took a lot of time and energy, didn’t always feel good, didn’t even want to go through it while I was in it, but I recognized the value of continuing even while in the storm.  I would like to share one of the lessons that I saw repeated through-out the week and with different people.  This is a lesson that I had actually written about almost a month ago and had not yet posted it to the blog.  Originally I began by talking about the habit of complaining.  By the end of the writing I was talking about forgiveness and releasing ourselves and others from old scripts and ways of relating.
I’ll skip the talk on complaining and get to the point: When we hold others captive by whatever their past contains, those people will forever be the same in our mind.  We don’t allow the truth of what currently is or the possibility of change in the future.  Sadly when we imprison others in this way, we also imprison ourselves.  This is reflected in our emotional baggage that we continue to carry, and if we are not careful, into our very personality expression and energy that we carry.  We become bitter, cynical, angry people.  At some point we have to learn how to truly look at ourselves and others and forgive, show compassion, learn our lessons and move on.  This allows our eyes, our minds, and our hearts to be fresh to look at each other and our experiences in a new way that is full of the possibility that is the true essence of who we are and capable of being.  We are just mirrors one to another.  Let us love each other through our rough spots just as we need to love ourselves through our own rough spots.

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