Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I saw this post on another site this morning.  The person who posted this headline had this to say about this line: "WTF!!!"
There were no other posts on this topic...

This is what I have to say:

People are so imbalanced and this is why we keep seeing these stories that are crazy and unbelievable.  Until we start addressing the many issues that are in our communities, we will continue to see the same gruesome things in our society and even perpetrated against the children.  This should be a wake up call that something is drastically wrong.  These stories are happening more frequently.  Just sitting back shaking your head saying that it's a shame is not enough!  We have to start talking about the state of our relationships with ourselves and with others.  Talking about children not having people actively in their lives talking with them and teaching them by example and in word about life and guiding them so that issues like teen pregnancy, early sexual activity, drugs and violence and more can be dealt with with responsible adults who have some wisdom.  We have left our children on their own for years to just figure it out and do as they please for a large part in our communities.  We do not take advantage of the presence and wisdom of our elders in our families and communities and so they almost lose their place and we in turn lose their wisdom and guidance.  Parents are getting younger and younger and often do not have the skills, patience, maturity or guidance to navigate the life changing task of parenthood.

The question is: What are we going to do about this as a community to make a difference in what we see?  There are very concrete things that can be done.  We can make a commitment to share our wisdom gained through experience with youth and young parents who are learning what it means to be a parent.  We can go into our community centers and build relationships with the children there and their families.  We can go into the schools and volunteer in the classrooms, go on field trips and be the positive example that children need to see and keep  talking to them.  They hear us, they watch us...they only mirror what they see and hear around them.  Let us give them a grander vision to aspire to and not allow them to be immersed in a culture that is fed through the TV, Internet,  and Radio that glorifies excess vs balance and moderation; materialism vs spiritualism; quick-fixes and short-cuts vs pride in effort, discipline, and determination; egotism, competition, and elitism vs. interdependence and assisting others.  We are the ones who are in control of what our future will look like by the choices that we make each and every day.  Let us CONSCIOUSLY choose now.


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  1. The question that comes to my mind is are these things happening more or is the media focusing on them more. We have always had crazies in our community. The problem is that we see them more now because the media focuses on them. But for me I see the opportunity because the media is a weapon that can cut both ways. Since we can't eliminate it totally we may need to learn how to use it to promote what we need to see and hear.
    We can also use our buying power to punish those that don't highlite what it is that need to be seen. We all know people that are crazy, but I would bet we all now people that are setting the examples that we need to see. We have to find away to elevate them in the public eye.
    Thank you for sharing the article and thank you for your comments. It is people like yourself who notice things like this and start asking the question that will force us to begin to change.
    Peace & 1hunidyears

  2. I think the actions listed here is a great start to a needed solution, we see the problems, it is now just a matter of getting up and not being lazy about the job. Honestly we have been allowing the t.v, public schools, and peers raise our kids for the longest time and if we don't as my wife put it take an active stand in correcting these issues it won't be a matter of focused publicity anymore. I feel where brother Ha2tim is coming from as we said over the phone we need some sort of workshop to instruct our community on the subliminal messages sent through media, bur as for our rearing of our children we need simply to be more active in their upbringing, from there solutions will being to present itself.... Hotep