Monday, January 24, 2011

When the People You Love Fight Your Progress

                Protecting your sacred space to ensure your continual growth and progress is very important.  Sacred space includes your thoughts, your heart, your environment, and whatever you allow to enter into these areas.  Everyone in your world (your family, co-workers, neighbors, and friends) may not respond positively to your movement towards change or personal growth.  When these people identify themselves by their negative comments, dismissals, or even out right attacks, decide how you want to deal with them.  Do you want to distance yourself from them for a time?  Not invite them into this area of your life by limiting the information that you share?  Whatever course you choose, it is important that you not be swayed from your journey when you attempt to explain and include others so that they will overstand and accept you and your new choices.
                Know that the only acceptance that really matters in the end is self-acceptance.  Once you have that, your world will begin to shift to support the new be-ing.  Don’t waste your energy.  Send the negative energy forth with love and keep on moving.  Either others will see or they will not; come along on the journey, or get left behind.  We all have a choice, many choices in fact.  Choose to honor your highest good and keep moving forward.


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