Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Good Way to look at the "Recession" or the Economy Issue

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I read this today...see if it contains some wisdom to help in this time when people are struggling...

 " is ironic that at the abundant banquet of life, most poor suckers are starving or trying to buy what should be had for free. Don't be one of them. Use this downtime to appreciate your current status, to make practical decisions that are based on the actual effort you are willing to expend and to reassess where your relationship is heading in the future. What you value, protect or work at will eventually take on a life of its own and give back to you that which you have put in. Get real about the progress, priorities and quality of your love life, domestic situation or standard of living. Above all, keep it simple and don't worry about what other people do."

If we really overstood this and applied it, our reality would be completely different from that which we speak today I think.  Entitlement, ingratitude, greed, excessiveness, independence and more rule our daily lives as we pursue what is called "The American Dream" or believe in "The survival of the Fittest."  These are concept sold as the American way...concepts that do us a disservice as a whole as opposed to concepts such as interdependence, responsibility, and temperance.

Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness need not be our reality...there is another way, and the answers are often very simple.  Let us examine ourselves and find the simple in the seemingly complex and create change right where we are.

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  1. Excellent article sis. I needed to hear that. We are being trained to destroy ourselves by purchasing our lives away. We pay attention to everything around us and want more and sometimes jump past our needs to satisfy them.