Saturday, January 15, 2011

Even On bad days...

Sometimes in life we have those setback days, days when something happens in your experience that triggers a weakness in your make-up.  We all have them, the growth edges that we are still fine tuning.  Even if we acknowledge and accept the wholeness of ourselves with our growth edges, when these areas are exercised in our experience, it can be a very trying time.  The purpose of the surfacing is for healing and growth to occur.  We often just see it as someone pushing our buttons and making us feel uncomfortable and so we avoid the conflict.  I encourage you that as you go through times like these, that you don’t lose sight of the fullness that you are.  Don’t make you, your weakness. You are more than this.  Negative self-talk can strip us of every ounce of progress you have made and reduce you to a helpless child—if you allow it.  Know that even in our weakness, we can still be strong and know that nothing stays the same.  The next day or even the next moment allows new opportunities to recreate ourselves anew.  It is this reality, that is more than some distant hope, that gives us a reason to be.
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