Friday, February 24, 2012

Ill-ness & Dis-ease, All In the Mind?

It's amazing that many humans continue to exist and go about their daily lives as if we do not impact one another and that unseen energies that we call emotions or vibes do not impact us everyday and on many levels.  It amazes me because the consequences of not acknowledging and incorporating this truth into our lives are evident everyday.  These results are the answer for the questions of how and why of disease, struggle in our lives, and much more.  I had an experience recently that demonstrated all of this in a very short period of time.  I have never been a person to take medication.  I recognize that the purpose of medication is only to deal with syptoms, to cover them up and allow you to continue you as if all is well when your body is telling you all is not well and you need to fix something...something is out of balance.  Ok, well I won't go into that conversation today, that's a whole other battle.  So ok, I don't do medicine.  Well two weeks ago on a friday I was dealing with some very intense happenings in my life that had unfolded over the course of 4 months and while I had walked through them making decisions that I felt necessary, my body was accumulating some stuff behind these experiences.  Let me get specific for a minute.  When you have turmoil in your primary relationships, say maybe experiencing stress from arguing, uncertainty, disappointment to name a few, your body starts to feel a certain way about all that it's dealing with.  My body began to tell me in many ways "Hey if we don't deal with this situation, we not going to be too well real soon."  The body may hold tension in certain places, you may notice a feeling in the pit of your stomach or in your chest...these feelings over time indicate something going on in your body that is happening as a result of your circumstances, your environment and your dealings with your environment.  If balance is not restored, ill-ness and dis-ease will rear its head. 
So on this particular friday I found mysef downtown in the courthouse.  Let's take a moment and revisit those energies that I was talking about earlier...Now energy doesn't just come from people and their thoughts and emotions, but they also attach to places and things where people interact and reside.  So places, like a courthouse, carries a certain energy.  What kind of energies do you think reside in courthouses? What goes on in them? Who is in them?  I'll let your imagination do that work.  Now, here I am...a very sensitive, completely aware of energy and environmental influences woman, spending all morning and half of the afternoon going up and down the floors in the courthouse--with both of my children.  Do I need to say that my body did not like this?
So by 3pm I began to feel pretty horrible.  Started feeling numb in the left side of my body, my legs were not supporting me well, had a slight headache...I thought it a good idea to go to the nearest emergency room cause things were not progressing well.  I made arrangements for my children and did just that.  I enter OSU East emergency room about 4pm in the afternoon, blood pressure 190/110, feeling like shit.  They proceeded to run all kinds of tests on me and pump my body with their medicine to help me.  Two different BP meds, potassium IV drip, EKG, CAT scan, MRI, X-rays over the course of 2 days.  My body felt so foreign!
Side note: I want to know how is it ok for a person to have these diagnostic tests like MRI and X-ray done when the technicians themselves cannot even be in the room for risk of danger to them?  How is it a concern about whether I should have these tests done only if I am preganant?  If the test would be harmful to a fetus inside of me, what is it doing to me?  I felt like my body was violated and poisoned repeatedly for 2 days based on procedure and what somebody else said I should do.  Definately not how I live my life...
 I felt crazier in the hospital than before.  My head felt weird, like I was literally about to lose my mind.  I kept telling my loved one that something didnt feel right, that I felt weird.  I just wanted to get out of there and go home.  It took about a week and a half to start feeling normal again after I left the hospital.  Of course I was discharged with a couple of prescriptions to help me with whatever they didnt know about what was wrong with me.  I didn't touch them.  My uncle asked me if I had let anyone know the cirsumstance that was going on that proceeded me coming into the hospital. I had shared it with one person in the ER, but it didn't seem to make any difference to them. 
Are we so brainwashed that we cannot see that it is our experiences and our thoughts, beliefs, and actions in relation to them that create our reality and in this case our manifestation of ill-ness or dis-ease?  How do we allow ourselves to only deal with the symptoms, what we can see or feel and not deal with what is causing them?  Do not be fooled into accepting a false answer or what really turns out being a false guess from the medical community when we are fully capable of searching ourselves and listening to the body  and what it tells you and do what needs to be done to correct the imbalances we allow to exist in our lives.  It requires responsibility for our own choices and then action on our own behalf.  We choose each and every day what our existence will be.  Is yours what you desire it to be, is your body? If not, do something about it.  Only you can.  Cause all the doctors can give you is more dis-ease and half information, cause they do not know which is why they "practice." 

Talk to me on blog @ about your experience of ill-ness & dis-ease cause beloved, it's not what you think and something can be done.


Heal Thy Self

HEAL THY SELF.  That is the proverb.  That is the goal of Wisdom Within Health & Wellness. To educate and reconnect people to that wealth of inner knowledge and wisdom that will instruct you in all ways, not just your health.  No one can know you better than you.  Once we reconnect with ourselves, life becomes the joy it was meant to be and full of possibilities. I use to get into arguments with doctors all the time because they always thought they knew so much more about my body than I did.  I would tell them what was going on and they would not believe me and then I would prove them wrong over and over again. They are only "practitioners" practicing anyway, trying to learn upon some knowledge that can be gotten if you are conscious and apply what you know.

A degree is not what qualifies you to speak on a subject...anybody can acquire knowledge and wisdom through experience and self-education.  We all have something to give and gifts that we down-play because somebody told us that we needed to be "qualified" by degrees and licenses before we can help another.  Some degrees and licenses are designed to protect others from irresponsible and reckless use of knowledge, but really we are responsible ourselves for discerning that.  We've got everything we need already—we’ve just got to reconnect!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The price of celebrity

Houston,_WhitneyToday I awoke feeling very sad as if I was grieving.  There are certainly many things going on in the world to grieve.  A few days ago the woman that made me wanna sing, passed from this life. Whitney Houston was my idol and inspiration when it came to vocals. Her struggles saddened me, but never took away from the memories her gift gave me. Her voice will always be golden to me. Rest in Peace.
I lay in bed this morning thinking about people and specifically those who are gifted and famous.  I realize that being in the spot light of the media can be a burden that is difficult to carry alone.  Often is difficult just to go through life all by itself without the added scrutiny of the media and the public eye. That is the fame vantage point.  But what about the gifts and abilities that inspire awe in some and unfortunately envy and hate in others?  We often seek to destroy that which we don't understand, that which is different from ourselves, and that which we desire and see in others but not in ourselves.  Those who have these gifts and abilities are often very lonely and misunderstood and cope with a lot of emotions that they are not able to deal with in a healthy way with others.  Often this manifests in the form of substance abuse or other forms of abuse.  Many gifted musicians over time seem to have been tortured and tragic in their endings and they are often appreciated for their gift, and then judged harshly for their struggles.  Everyday the public focuses on and talks about the struggles of the celebrity--the drugs, the arrests, the break-ups-- as if these people are not real, as if these people do not deserve the dignity of being able to exist and do what they love to do for a living without sacrificing their private lives for our scrutiny.  No one should have to face strangers asking questions about the status of their marriage.  It is difficult enough to go through the end of a relationship without the added stress and strain from the public eye.  And yet we have been so conditioned by media to get into everyone's business that that has become the shows we want to see and the topic of our conversations with each other.  We confuse the right to do or say something with the dignity and respect it takes to chose when and how to say or do something or NOT to say or do something.  We like to say things like: "I'm not saying anything that is not true, so it's fair game," or "I have a right to express my opinion."  For all the "rights" we are so proud to exercise, how proud are you of who we are becoming as a society?  How proud are you of the person that you are today? Do even consider the kind of person that you are and consider what kind of person you would like to be? If we continue with this "anything goes" way of living, we will continue to yield the results that we have over the last 20 years. 
Being gifted often means being lonely because not many will take the time to really get to know who you are, how you feel, and what you think.  You often become an idea, a product, an opportunity, a means to an end, an object to be admired and sought after, but not someone to be connected with, supported, encouraged, helped, listened to, and loved in action and not just in word.  The world mourns Whitney the music icon, I mourn Whitney, the woman. There are so many like her who are no longer with us with names that we do not know, that we have never heard of and they too are just people trying to find ways to deal with a life that can be a handful to wrestle with sometimes.  No one needs to make excuses for anyone else, but we all could definately use a little more compassion and take more genuine interest in the lives of those who are in our own lives and less judgement and water cooler gossip on our jobs and in our homes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Master Teacher

The one who changed my life forever began to affect that change even before he arrived.  In my womb he helped me innerstand the true connection of spirit and being one with one another. I shared with him and talked to him in a way I had never shared with anyone before. I knew and was fully conscious of the fact that he knew me inside and out, literally and figuratively.  He felt what I felt and he saw from the inside the effect that life had on me.  He was an internal witness to my pain and my joys, but during this time, those 9 months, there was mostly pain. He got the full impact of that.  He saw what that pain did to my body and how it hurt me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  He knew me in a complete way that no one else on this earth had yet the opportunity to experience.  This internal experience and emotional impact is what help shape who my son Terryl is today.  He, being the spirit that he is, determined something about what he needed to be and how to be in order to play out his purpose for his life and his purpose in mine.  Others have looked upon him in his 12 out of 14 years of life as being broken in some way, as something that needed to be worked on or fixed and a puzzle to be innerstood.  He actually is the most clear, innocent, and pure individual that I have known and experienced with.  What I have learned from him and what I continue to learn from him has been invaluable to me.  He has changed my life and in fact saved my life.  He has given me direction and one of my purposes in this life.  The things that are viewed as his challenges or disability is actually the vehicle which shows me and the world what needs to be corrected and he even has the wisdom to show how.  I thank God for the grace, patience and sight to see and translate so that us mere mortals can decifer the message and apply it in a way that we can innerstand.  I call him master teacher, cause that is what he is.  How many do we have among us that we do not recognize or that we mischaracterize?  Do we really innerstand the wonderful opportunity our children provide to us just through the very nature of how they came to be and their make-up?  This is most apparent with the mother-child connection because of the pregnancy journey, but is also true with the father and even more so if the father is present during this 9 month period...but even if he is not, the child still feels and knows because that child is made up of the very stuff that you are, so how could they not know you and feel you?  This does not change once they exit into the world, we just take the illusion of being separate even further and become strangers over time if we do not realize the truth.  If we are fully aware and conscious, there is so much that our children will show us about who we are and have potential to be.  I say ‘will’ not ‘can’ because this happens naturally, it just is. There is nothing that they have to consciously think about or will, they just do what comes naturally to them.  If we pay attention, the very things that we object to or complain about with are children, are instructive in some way—not for them, for us.  I had this realization recently and it was a humbling experience.  I had to admit that I was out of order and correct myself! How often do we see our parenting role and relationship with our children in that way? 
To be continued...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Terryl Inspired

I had my first son one week before I graduated college in 1997 and I had very little idea about what direction to go in for my career. I knew what my interests were, but felt like I had to make a decision quickly to take care of my son.  I decided on counseling psychology and a PHD program at The Ohio State University and was not able to complete the program because my son was diagnosed with a disability and began having multiple issues around 12 months old. I left school after completing 2 years and my Master’s coursework to focus on his needs and have never returned. Once making the decision to leave school after completing my Master’s degree, I was faced with a major block in my career progress.  I was told during my last quarter before completing my Master’s that I was 1 credit hour short of what was required in order to fulfill the requirements of my fellowship.  I was told that because of this, I would have to pay for the spring quarter out of my pocket.  There were two problems with this.  I had registered and taken the required amount of credits and there was a mix up because of a change in scheduling that I had made at the beginning of the quarter.  I had dropped a course and added another.  At the time, I had my records that showed that I had the required credits, however, computers at OSU said something different and because their computer said something different, I was being held responsible for thousands of dollars that I could not pay, not being able to work as a condition of my fellowship as well.  Since I could not pay and could not find anyone to help me correct this mistake, a hold was placed on my records which meant that I was not allowed to register that summer to defend my Master’s thesis in order to obtain my Master’s degree.  This also meant that if even if I wanted to transfer to another program, I could not because OSU would not release my records until I paid them money that I did not owe them.  As a result of this, I was not able to benefit from the time and money (through loans) that I had invested to receive something that would help provide for my son and myself.  I walked away with nothing.  Yet, I still had to fight for my son.
 I was unable to get a job for months even though I had a college degree and Master degree level of education.  A job anywhere! I was told that I was over qualified, even when I dumb downed my resume.  As a result, my A-1 credit plummeted.  I couldn’t pay my bills.  I couldn’t pay rent in my town-home, my car note, childcare…nothing.  I was stressed beyond my limit.  My body was erupting in hives from the stress and I had a break down and resolved to kill myself.  My plan was to take my son to his father in New Orleans and then disappear.  I gave everything away.  I used my Sears card which I had never used before to purchase new tires for my car and drove to New Orleans early one morning with my son.  After arriving there, I had serious issues with the lifestyle that my son’s father was living and could not in good conscious leave my son with him.  I had not told him that I intended to leave our son with him and so I pretended to be just visiting and left a few days later.  In the meantime, my family and friends were panicking because no one had heard from me or knew where I was.  I drove back to Columbus and since I no longer had a place to stay, went to my Aunt’s house for a few days while trying to decide what to do.  After much resistance I resolved to move back home to Cleveland with my Mother.  I was depressed and felt lost.  My relationship with my mother had always been strained and so this move was not a positive one in my mind.  I felt like a child all over again and trapped.  My mother was dealing with her own issues in her relationship and she still had two younger daughters at home who were 11 and 5.  One day I left my mother’s house to escape from the stress of dealing with the tension in the house between my mother and her boyfriend and to save my sister’s from dealing with the drama.  We were going to the library.  It had snowed a lot in the days before so there was still snow on the ground.  As I went to make a left turn into the parking lot of the Shaker Library, a car slammed into the passenger side of my car.  By the grace of God neither of my sisters or my son was hurt.  No one was hurt by the accident, which had been my fault.  I totaled my car.  That was the last thing that I had from my life that was mine besides my son.  I sank deeper into depression. A few months later, I came to Columbus for a visit to see my church family and friends and was overwhelmed with love and support.  One of my graduate school friends from OSU surprised me one day by picking me up for a visit and taking me a to a used car lot and buying me a car right on the spot!  She wrote a check for $1500 and gave me my baby, “Faith” a light blue Toyota Camry, and a second chance and some hope.  I never returned to Cleveland to live after that visit, I returned only to get my things and move back to Columbus.  I stayed with friends for a while until I was able to get my own small place for my son and myself about a year later.
 Keeping a job has been difficult over the years because it is difficult to find and keep an adequate provider for my son’s needs.  My son requires different types of therapies that mean trips to doctors weekly. I have also spent several hours a week in his schools fighting to ensure that he was getting the most out of his special education classrooms. While in graduate school I would receive calls daily to pick my son up because of his behavior and this continued even after I left school and was working. I had to get a lawyer through legal aid to make sure that the school actually provided my son the services that he was entitled to by law and which they were fully capable of providing if they put forth the effort. Through educating myself about his disability and finding out first-hand the deficiencies in service to families with those to disabilities, I found a new passion: advocacy. I have always loved to teach so this area of special needs youth/ adults and education fit me like a glove. I have since immersed myself in job positions that are in the MRDD field and/or teaching. Two years ago, I was a House Manager for a company that cared for the needs and rights of adults with disabilities. I enjoyed my job immensely and got satisfaction from it daily.  I was in line for promotions and was doing very well.  I was let go from this job because I had to take a leave of absence to find appropriate care for my son while I worked when he came home after living with his father in Cleveland for 2 years.  I took a 6 week leave and at the end of that time, I informed my supervisor that I had still not been able to arrange what I needed for my son.  It took me 2 more weeks to find an appropriate agency and hour requirements and trained individual to work with him while I was at work.  I informed the company that I would be returning and scheduled my classes to update my certifications and the day before I was schedule to take one of the classes, I got a call from human resources saying that I was being let go.  The reason given was that they hadn’t been able to get in touch with me on my leave to know what was going on and even though I had spoken with my supervisor and scheduled classes through human resources that they were unclear about my intentions to return and that I had not followed proper procedures.  This is also the explanation that allowed unemployment to disallow my claim.  The company that advocated for the care and rights of the disabled fired their manager who had a disabled child and was fighting for the care of that child!  I felt betrayed.
Unfortunately, because I lack the degrees I need, I am only able to make $10-$12/hr in my field despite my experience.  My family struggles to buy food monthly and relies on pantries and the kindness of those who care for us.  I have lost places of shelter more than once, and lived in a homeless shelter briefly with my children due to lack of income to support my bills which only include the basic necessities: shelter, food, utilities, car note, and insurance.  Not to mention the fact that in the quest to provide myself with better access to jobs and a career that would give my family a good quality of life, I have accumulated several thousands of dollars of school loan debt that I am struggling to be able to pay back that I have yet to benefit from in terms of earning potential.  When I was accumulating this school loan debt, I had little idea of what I really wanted to do with my life and therefore lacked the insight on how to use my education to provide more opportunities for me later.  With more than 15 years of life experience that has definitely changed!  My son is largely responsible for this life education that has led me to my gift and passion: serving those underserved who cannot speak up for themselves.   I wish to serve them in a higher capacity to effect change at the administrative level and provide the better quality of life for my children and those that I advocate for others on a daily basis.  I desire to apply what I have learned from life experience to help other children and young adults navigate through the process of career choice and building.  Our children truly need experienced adults to assist with these processes so that they don't have to go through the same challenges that we did and can avoid some of our mistakes.  I know that it is time for some these things in my life to made right and I am looking for a way to make that happen.  I have everything I need to succeed, only need the right opportunity to make it happen.  I deserve it and I have worked hard for myself and others and can wait no longer.  My 2 boys deserve a chance to have balance in their life and not an existence of continual struggle.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who Are We Really?

 I have often stayed out of religious debate or discussion because I have observed how damaging it often is to those who participate, those who hear and that no true relating or sharing occurs.  I observe people trying to convince another of how what they believe is right, or share their “facts” and disprove another.  Everyone believes that they have a lock on knowledge and that their “way” is THE way…I have ALWAYS had a problem with this mentality and behavior among religious folk.  It doesn’t matter what name you are called, it is practiced under all names and religions in the name of some God.  I think that our behavior is shameful.  Today I am prompted to share with you, not because I am interested in changing your belief or offering evidence of my knowing…but to share through my experience as I commit to do with my people in all areas and spirituality is but one…let those with ears to hear, hear and hearts to receive, receive…

As I continue in this home-school journey with my son, we have different discussions about the world, about life and about living.  We exercise our spirituality daily in different ways.  He practices meditation daily for at least 15 minutes before his school day begins.  Yesterday I felt it important to discuss the upcoming Christian Holiday of Easter.  We had had similar discussions before with regard to Christmas and on a different level Thanksgiving as well.  Well the Easter discussion went a little like this:

Mom:  “What is Easter?”

Son: “It’s when there is a bunny and eggs and…”

Mom: “Okay, I’m gonna stop you there.  There is a difference between the commercialized Easter that the world profits off of, and then there is Easter that is represented by the Christian church.”

I went on to explain how people profit off of these holidays by getting folks caught up in buying things and celebrating things that they know nothing about and do not even know if they want to represent what they are celebrating not even considering the meaning behind what they are doing.  I reiterated why we do not engage in these celebrations and displays that others do.  I then talked about the Christian story of Jesus and the resurrection.  Recounted it and then discussed the meaning of why Easter is celebrated by Christians today.  I then shared why we do not participate in Christian theology and belief.  I will share these reasons shortly.  This conversation was followed up this morning during our prayers and thanksgivings when my son talked about thanking God for “saving us” because he was worried “every night” about what would happen to him when he died and that he wanted to “go to heaven” so that he could be with God.  After he finished his thoughts, we closed our prayers and we began to have a discussion.  It went a lil’ something like this:

Mom: “Who saved us?”

Son: “God”

Mom: “From what?”

Son: “I don’t know…”

Our children will show us where we are what we really need to examine about what we are doing and how we are doing it.  We need to pay attention. I continued with a little Christian theology lesson on how Jesus is said to be the son of God sent to save the world from sin etc.  I then said, here is why we do not attend to this theology.  The spirit that Jesus, Yasuah, came from is the same sprit that we come from and that other great teachers and messiahs came from.  A religion was built around one historical figure who was said to have done many great things…this religion was constructed for political reasons and used in horrific ways.  The script upon which this religion is based has been “borrowed” and I use that term very loosely from ancient black peoples almost verbatim.   Aside from these facts the important message is that we come from a Creator of all things and we possess a spirit that is from our creator…we can never be lost.  Our spirit always was and always will be.  What is there to be saved from?  We have always existed.  There is no heaven to escape to when this life is over, because this physical manifestation is just a short stop on a journey of our joint choosing.  We come from many places and many times and will go to many places and times in our universe and existence, there are many possibilities.  We do not need a theology to save us or mask who we really are because who we really are is much bigger than any one book can contain.  I told my son that we were made perfect and exactly as we were meant to be, however that manifestation occurs.  That we have exactly what we need within us to manifest whatever it is our purpose to manifest in our time in each particular physical manifestation. That we need not beg or feel ourselves unworthy because of who we are, we need only to know it and give thanks for our be-ing.  In committing to being the fullness of who we are without apologies we give honor and praise to our Creator.

I have many Christian bretheren and sisteren that I love dearly and converse with on a level that they are comfortable with in most ways…I am able to share what I have to give without being caught up in the web of bondage that a lot of the doctrine and ritual of religion holds on our people.  I have many Muslim, some Neterian, Rastafarian, Nation of Islam, Buddhist etc. friends and associates…there is a reason there are many of us and many ways.  Let us examine where we are and more important why we are and then your path will be enlightened and your journey will proceed exactly as it was intended and planned.  That which is not for you will cease to be and that which is will be made apparent.  Continue to seek your truth and the answers will surely come and by all means, dear ones, do not swallow someone else’s truth just because they said it is so, or “Thus said the Lord.”

Continuing in Service to the Most High Creator,


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Re-Claiming Our Children Pt. 2

About a month after writing "Re-claiming our Children" I began home-schooling my son. We are in the second week and are loving it.  It brings us together as a family in a way that  is so unique.  We talk about so many different things and from a wholistic perspective. He is 7 years old and I am so excited about the increased opportunities that will be available to him from the choice that I have made for his well-being.  I am using an online school program and supplement and adjusting or changing as we see fit.  I get this question every time that I mention to someone that I  am home schooling: "Well, Why? What happened? How long are you going to do that?"  The question is asked with fear and concern as if we are depriving him of something not adding something to him.  I was watering down my answer just to keep it simple but yesterday I decided that I needed to tell people exactly why we chose to do this.  It is not because my son is having a hard time in school, in fact he is an excellent student...ahead of his class.  He is home schooled because I saw a pattern occuring over and over again with children all over the state that I interacted with on different levels as a teacher, tutor, mentor, advocate, family member etc.  I saw children in the school systems going from healthy esteems and identity acquired and reinforced in their homes and family to vacant esteem, low esteem, suicidal thoughts and actions, violence, depression, hopelessness, anxiety, fear, and this is a short list.  I saw so many symptoms of what could be classified in the DSM-IV book of classification of disorders in our children.  These disorders manifest from somewhere.  Our current schools do not nurture self-knowledge and development.  They do not nurture self-love.  Even if this is happening in the home, the effects of the school environment: the  teaching methods and ideologies, quickly destroy the gains.  I speak so strongly on this because I have seen it and with my own son, but he is not the only one.  I know of at least 4 young boys in particular ages 6-7 who have spoken of killing themselves because of their feelings of hopelessness with regard to their schooling.  These are children who have loving parents who talk to them, who have outlets and are bright and full of potential.  These are not children who are constantly in trouble for one reason or another.  So imagine what the children who do not come from loving environments or who have history in the juvenile system, deal with drugs, gangs, abuse and more are feeling!!!  The morning that my best friend from high school told me that these words came out of her precious son's mouth, I made the decision that day to take my son out of school.  I had seen the signs in my son as well...watched in horror as in 3 months he went from a child who was articulate, loved to help and teach others whatever he knew, a leader, confident in his abilities, loved who he was as a young black boy and his black people--to a fearful, unsure, self-conscious, self-depreciating, self-hating 7 year old boy!  I could not believe how complete the change was and so quickly!  This is happening all over the country ! Our children are not seeing themselves represented in the classroom, in the books and not being related to in a supportive reinforcing manner.  I can get very specific on what's going on and what's missing but that is not my intent in this writing.  But I will say that there is a training for teachers in Columbus Public schools that is done for Cultural Awareness and the woman who wrote the book that the training is done from is a white woman!  Not only that but some of the language and thoughts in this book that is taught in workshop as fact and information to use in the classroom when relating to our children is blatantly stereotypical and absurd!  One example is a statement that describes the type of environment that most "urban" children come from as loud, chaotic, lacking in the expression of intimacy and love...does this sound like something that should be taught as a guideline to teach our black children?  And they cover up what is going on so that people swallow it and don't say anything about the nonsense that comes out of this book by having a black woman conduct the training as if to give it validity.  I will end now, cause I think I have said enough...but this is by no means over.  Wake up my people PLEASE!
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