Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who Are We Really?

 I have often stayed out of religious debate or discussion because I have observed how damaging it often is to those who participate, those who hear and that no true relating or sharing occurs.  I observe people trying to convince another of how what they believe is right, or share their “facts” and disprove another.  Everyone believes that they have a lock on knowledge and that their “way” is THE way…I have ALWAYS had a problem with this mentality and behavior among religious folk.  It doesn’t matter what name you are called, it is practiced under all names and religions in the name of some God.  I think that our behavior is shameful.  Today I am prompted to share with you, not because I am interested in changing your belief or offering evidence of my knowing…but to share through my experience as I commit to do with my people in all areas and spirituality is but one…let those with ears to hear, hear and hearts to receive, receive…

As I continue in this home-school journey with my son, we have different discussions about the world, about life and about living.  We exercise our spirituality daily in different ways.  He practices meditation daily for at least 15 minutes before his school day begins.  Yesterday I felt it important to discuss the upcoming Christian Holiday of Easter.  We had had similar discussions before with regard to Christmas and on a different level Thanksgiving as well.  Well the Easter discussion went a little like this:

Mom:  “What is Easter?”

Son: “It’s when there is a bunny and eggs and…”

Mom: “Okay, I’m gonna stop you there.  There is a difference between the commercialized Easter that the world profits off of, and then there is Easter that is represented by the Christian church.”

I went on to explain how people profit off of these holidays by getting folks caught up in buying things and celebrating things that they know nothing about and do not even know if they want to represent what they are celebrating not even considering the meaning behind what they are doing.  I reiterated why we do not engage in these celebrations and displays that others do.  I then talked about the Christian story of Jesus and the resurrection.  Recounted it and then discussed the meaning of why Easter is celebrated by Christians today.  I then shared why we do not participate in Christian theology and belief.  I will share these reasons shortly.  This conversation was followed up this morning during our prayers and thanksgivings when my son talked about thanking God for “saving us” because he was worried “every night” about what would happen to him when he died and that he wanted to “go to heaven” so that he could be with God.  After he finished his thoughts, we closed our prayers and we began to have a discussion.  It went a lil’ something like this:

Mom: “Who saved us?”

Son: “God”

Mom: “From what?”

Son: “I don’t know…”

Our children will show us where we are what we really need to examine about what we are doing and how we are doing it.  We need to pay attention. I continued with a little Christian theology lesson on how Jesus is said to be the son of God sent to save the world from sin etc.  I then said, here is why we do not attend to this theology.  The spirit that Jesus, Yasuah, came from is the same sprit that we come from and that other great teachers and messiahs came from.  A religion was built around one historical figure who was said to have done many great things…this religion was constructed for political reasons and used in horrific ways.  The script upon which this religion is based has been “borrowed” and I use that term very loosely from ancient black peoples almost verbatim.   Aside from these facts the important message is that we come from a Creator of all things and we possess a spirit that is from our creator…we can never be lost.  Our spirit always was and always will be.  What is there to be saved from?  We have always existed.  There is no heaven to escape to when this life is over, because this physical manifestation is just a short stop on a journey of our joint choosing.  We come from many places and many times and will go to many places and times in our universe and existence, there are many possibilities.  We do not need a theology to save us or mask who we really are because who we really are is much bigger than any one book can contain.  I told my son that we were made perfect and exactly as we were meant to be, however that manifestation occurs.  That we have exactly what we need within us to manifest whatever it is our purpose to manifest in our time in each particular physical manifestation. That we need not beg or feel ourselves unworthy because of who we are, we need only to know it and give thanks for our be-ing.  In committing to being the fullness of who we are without apologies we give honor and praise to our Creator.

I have many Christian bretheren and sisteren that I love dearly and converse with on a level that they are comfortable with in most ways…I am able to share what I have to give without being caught up in the web of bondage that a lot of the doctrine and ritual of religion holds on our people.  I have many Muslim, some Neterian, Rastafarian, Nation of Islam, Buddhist etc. friends and associates…there is a reason there are many of us and many ways.  Let us examine where we are and more important why we are and then your path will be enlightened and your journey will proceed exactly as it was intended and planned.  That which is not for you will cease to be and that which is will be made apparent.  Continue to seek your truth and the answers will surely come and by all means, dear ones, do not swallow someone else’s truth just because they said it is so, or “Thus said the Lord.”

Continuing in Service to the Most High Creator,


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