Friday, February 24, 2012

Heal Thy Self

HEAL THY SELF.  That is the proverb.  That is the goal of Wisdom Within Health & Wellness. To educate and reconnect people to that wealth of inner knowledge and wisdom that will instruct you in all ways, not just your health.  No one can know you better than you.  Once we reconnect with ourselves, life becomes the joy it was meant to be and full of possibilities. I use to get into arguments with doctors all the time because they always thought they knew so much more about my body than I did.  I would tell them what was going on and they would not believe me and then I would prove them wrong over and over again. They are only "practitioners" practicing anyway, trying to learn upon some knowledge that can be gotten if you are conscious and apply what you know.

A degree is not what qualifies you to speak on a subject...anybody can acquire knowledge and wisdom through experience and self-education.  We all have something to give and gifts that we down-play because somebody told us that we needed to be "qualified" by degrees and licenses before we can help another.  Some degrees and licenses are designed to protect others from irresponsible and reckless use of knowledge, but really we are responsible ourselves for discerning that.  We've got everything we need already—we’ve just got to reconnect!

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