Friday, February 24, 2012

Ill-ness & Dis-ease, All In the Mind?

It's amazing that many humans continue to exist and go about their daily lives as if we do not impact one another and that unseen energies that we call emotions or vibes do not impact us everyday and on many levels.  It amazes me because the consequences of not acknowledging and incorporating this truth into our lives are evident everyday.  These results are the answer for the questions of how and why of disease, struggle in our lives, and much more.  I had an experience recently that demonstrated all of this in a very short period of time.  I have never been a person to take medication.  I recognize that the purpose of medication is only to deal with syptoms, to cover them up and allow you to continue you as if all is well when your body is telling you all is not well and you need to fix something...something is out of balance.  Ok, well I won't go into that conversation today, that's a whole other battle.  So ok, I don't do medicine.  Well two weeks ago on a friday I was dealing with some very intense happenings in my life that had unfolded over the course of 4 months and while I had walked through them making decisions that I felt necessary, my body was accumulating some stuff behind these experiences.  Let me get specific for a minute.  When you have turmoil in your primary relationships, say maybe experiencing stress from arguing, uncertainty, disappointment to name a few, your body starts to feel a certain way about all that it's dealing with.  My body began to tell me in many ways "Hey if we don't deal with this situation, we not going to be too well real soon."  The body may hold tension in certain places, you may notice a feeling in the pit of your stomach or in your chest...these feelings over time indicate something going on in your body that is happening as a result of your circumstances, your environment and your dealings with your environment.  If balance is not restored, ill-ness and dis-ease will rear its head. 
So on this particular friday I found mysef downtown in the courthouse.  Let's take a moment and revisit those energies that I was talking about earlier...Now energy doesn't just come from people and their thoughts and emotions, but they also attach to places and things where people interact and reside.  So places, like a courthouse, carries a certain energy.  What kind of energies do you think reside in courthouses? What goes on in them? Who is in them?  I'll let your imagination do that work.  Now, here I am...a very sensitive, completely aware of energy and environmental influences woman, spending all morning and half of the afternoon going up and down the floors in the courthouse--with both of my children.  Do I need to say that my body did not like this?
So by 3pm I began to feel pretty horrible.  Started feeling numb in the left side of my body, my legs were not supporting me well, had a slight headache...I thought it a good idea to go to the nearest emergency room cause things were not progressing well.  I made arrangements for my children and did just that.  I enter OSU East emergency room about 4pm in the afternoon, blood pressure 190/110, feeling like shit.  They proceeded to run all kinds of tests on me and pump my body with their medicine to help me.  Two different BP meds, potassium IV drip, EKG, CAT scan, MRI, X-rays over the course of 2 days.  My body felt so foreign!
Side note: I want to know how is it ok for a person to have these diagnostic tests like MRI and X-ray done when the technicians themselves cannot even be in the room for risk of danger to them?  How is it a concern about whether I should have these tests done only if I am preganant?  If the test would be harmful to a fetus inside of me, what is it doing to me?  I felt like my body was violated and poisoned repeatedly for 2 days based on procedure and what somebody else said I should do.  Definately not how I live my life...
 I felt crazier in the hospital than before.  My head felt weird, like I was literally about to lose my mind.  I kept telling my loved one that something didnt feel right, that I felt weird.  I just wanted to get out of there and go home.  It took about a week and a half to start feeling normal again after I left the hospital.  Of course I was discharged with a couple of prescriptions to help me with whatever they didnt know about what was wrong with me.  I didn't touch them.  My uncle asked me if I had let anyone know the cirsumstance that was going on that proceeded me coming into the hospital. I had shared it with one person in the ER, but it didn't seem to make any difference to them. 
Are we so brainwashed that we cannot see that it is our experiences and our thoughts, beliefs, and actions in relation to them that create our reality and in this case our manifestation of ill-ness or dis-ease?  How do we allow ourselves to only deal with the symptoms, what we can see or feel and not deal with what is causing them?  Do not be fooled into accepting a false answer or what really turns out being a false guess from the medical community when we are fully capable of searching ourselves and listening to the body  and what it tells you and do what needs to be done to correct the imbalances we allow to exist in our lives.  It requires responsibility for our own choices and then action on our own behalf.  We choose each and every day what our existence will be.  Is yours what you desire it to be, is your body? If not, do something about it.  Only you can.  Cause all the doctors can give you is more dis-ease and half information, cause they do not know which is why they "practice." 

Talk to me on blog @ about your experience of ill-ness & dis-ease cause beloved, it's not what you think and something can be done.


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